On our version of Master Chef, Khao Yai edition, campers are split into small groups and taught how to prepare a few basic Thai dishes. Once the meal is complete, we celebrate by scarfing it all down.

Thailand has a rich culture and history, and the food is a big part of that. Here, food is not just a way to get full, it’s a sharing experience with your family. As children living in Thailand, it is important for the campers to have an appreciation for the Thai cuisine, and what better way to appreciate something than learning how to create it yourself?

The children first watch the camp chef prepare a dish. He goes step by step as the kids take notes. Then it is their turn to prepare. Counsellors and instructors watch, giving out tidbits of advice here and there but mostly leaving the little chef’s to their own devices. Then, the much-anticipated taste test. Each counsellor scores the team on a rubric of collaboration, cleanliness and, of course, deliciousness. The best dish wins the round.

This happens for three thrilling, tummy-rumbling rounds. Those who have won the most rounds out of three take the gold! And, as always, the gold is bragging rights.

The real winners here are the parents, who now have live-in chefs ready to make the same three dishes over and over!