These kids are outshooting The Mocking Jay in a shocking way! Campers learn how to properly wield a bow and arrow on the camp archery range . Split into teams, the kids compete for the ultimate prize: bragging rights.

Our staff is on-hand to supervise the range and provide guidance and instruction for amateur archers. Equipment is top-notch with a number of recurve bows to suit archers of all sizes.
The children begin with learning how to properly hold a bow and arrow and, once comfortable, begin target practise. And no, the targets are not the counsellors.

After firing off some practise rounds, the competition begins! This activity is a challenge in hand-eye coordination and patience, teaching children sportsmanship and precision.

Has a camp activity ever been so on point? Legolas just suffered a mega loss against our campers. They get an A+ in arrow work!